When I was first asked to get involved with setting up an advocacy, counselling and support organisation to be based in Aylesbury I was intrigued. From where I stood it seemed as though there were plenty of organisations doing great work and I did wonder what would make this one different. That soon became clear: the people and the approach! Ranjula Takodra is a highly respective long-standing resident of the town with an enviable reputation for helping a wide range of people over many decades. Her vision was to provide support for as long as it was needed and to collaborate with other local support and statutory organisations to help victims of trauma move on with their lives. It has been a sharp learning curve for me. Like many people I have been touched by trauma mainly through family and friends. In the past I was bullied at work and although I did receive some employer-sponsored counselling it was, with hindsight, not what I needed. I marvel at the skill of our volunteers and advocates working with women and men across all communities helping them deal with what has happened to them and then to begin to move on with their lives.

Inspire All CIC is a genuinely collaborative organisation and it is only now – several years after starting – that partners are now emerging. This does sadden me however the relationships being forged are strong and the future looks promising.

My role is very much behind the scenes: promoting our work through social media – including this website! – and fundraising. Keeping our bookkeeper happy is also high on my list and making sure the various administrative activities are carried out in a timely fashion. Quite a challenge sometimes however we get there!

The team continues to work hard to support victims of trauma and I am delighted to be able to play my part.

Hilda Stearn