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As we become more connected through digital media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to name but a few – we are also becoming more isolated.

Talking face-to-face means that we have to make time to actually sit down with another person and sometimes there is such pressure to do other things that we simply rely on virtual media for communication. This can lead to a sense of isolation, a disconnection with the real world and it can quickly become our normality. When life takes an unexpected turn such as becoming a victim of crime we can feel totally helpless and alone. Such crimes take many forms: doorstep scamming, burglary, assault and rape as well as less visible forms of crime such as mental abuse.

Mainstream services including the police and social services try hard to help us deal with the crime however their resources are stretched and limited. At Inspire All CIC we have the time YOU need to recover. Our skilled counsellors offer bespoked support to you as an INDIVIDUAL.
Each counsellor is fully trained and is a member of an appropriate accredited professional body.

We provide FREE confidential and practical counselling support to residents living in Aylesbury, Chesham and High Wycombe.

Being hurt or treated badly by others often makes us feel powerless and helpless. It can also trigger emotional illnesses such as stress, anxiety and depression.

If you would like to make a fresh start, build your confidence and re-build your life, use this free service to help you gain the confidence to try again. This is a core part of our work and we have a number of highly experienced counsellors who work with individuals at a time and pace to suit YOU.

Our team works with a wide range of adult clients including; Victims of physical abuse or intimidation, assault or bullying (by strangers, partners, family members and work colleagues). Victims of verbal, psychological or emotional abuse (including racial, gender, disability, etc) or of financial abuse (by family, friends, etc)

  • Town Mayor Tom Hunter Watts

We were delighted that Inspire All CIC was chosen by the Mayor, Tom Hunter-Watts for his fundraising activities during his year in office (2017-18). A highly experienced nurse, Tom has witnessed first-hand the physical impact of crime and was keen to support our important work helping to address the psychological effects as often these are long-lasting particularly if not dealt with effectively at the earliest opportunity. An amazing £10,000 was raised through a variety of events including a fantastic dancing and music celebration towards the end of Tom’s year in office. The money is being used to provide advocacy, counselling and workshop support to residents of Aylesbury. Many thanks Tom for your support!


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