As a not-for-profit social enterprise Inspire All CIC offers free counselling, support and training to a wide range of adult clients who have been victims of a crime.

Each client is unique and at the outset we identify the most appropriate support. This might be meeting with one or experienced counsellors or being signposted to another service. We do not simply ‘refer on’ as we know that sometimes having someone by your side to speak on your behalf is an important first step in recovery. Our advocacy support can be as powerful as our counselling service; the individual – YOU – is at the centre of what we do.

From the outset Inspire All CIC has been a supporter of the Time to Change programme which seeks to end mental health discrimination. Hilda Stearn featured in a campaign led by the Metro newspaper showcasing how mental health issues can be managed well by caring employers leading to fulfilled staff.


Each client is unique and we have been working with victims of physical abuse, intimidation, bullying (often by family members and work colleagues as well as strangers), and verbal, psychological and emotional abuse as well as victims of financial fraud. Our team continues to work with a diverse range of people from across the communities we serve. Crime does not respect gender, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical disability. We are proud to support everyone.

“Without the help offered by Inspire All CIC I would have been deported and my family at home would have disowned me”
Victim of domestic abuse

“Ranjula’s determination and drive was instrumental and helped build the foundations of trust between Asian women and the local Police in Aylesbury” Milton Keynes Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub

“Ranjula is down to earth, simple hearted person and highly approachable. She shows genuine empathy to the situation and gives support in any circumstances. Her support can give a new dimension to women in despair.”
Victim of domestic violence



This is a core part of our work and we have a number of highly experienced counsellors who work with individuals at a time and pace to suit YOU. Our key counsellors include:

Candice is a highly qualified counsellor combining Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Hypnotherapy. She has worked with high-risk families with drug and alcohol problems, domestic violence and mental health issues. She brings a wealth of experience to the team. Candice has a number of counselling-related qualifications including diplomas in counselling, psychotherapy, drug & alcohol counselling.
Alan is a pragmatic and experienced individual who began his counselling career working with young offenders. More recently he has focused on victim support in partnership with Thames Valley Police. He has been involved in the Restorative Justice Intervention programme and has been supporting male victims of trauma on behalf of Inspire.
As the newest member of our team Simone brings the different perspective of a young person. She is channelling her real life experiences into developing her unique approach to counselling which has been formed through her attendance at Aylesbury College where she has begun her formal counselling training. Her approach is refreshing, down-to-earth and successful.


A key part of our work centres on recovery and often this can be achieved more quickly working with other victims of a crime. Using a range of therapeutic approaches we run small group workshops (typically with up to 6 people) which normally complement our One-to-One support.


Based in Aylesbury our focus is very much on the local community although we also have counsellors based in Chesham and High Wycombe. This provides us with flexibility and creates a more sustainable organisation as we can bid for funding from across the county such as the Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner’s Office.