We were delighted that Inspire All CIC was chosen by the Mayor, Tom Hunter-Watts for his fundraising activities during his year in office (2017 -18). A highly experienced nurse, Tom has witnessed first-hand the physical impact of crime and was keen to support our important work helping to address the psychological effects as often these are long-lasting particularly if not dealt with effectively at the earliest opportunity. An amazing £10,000 was raised and we are using this money to continue to provide advocacy, counselling and workshop support for residents of Aylesbury.

Town Mayor Tom Hunter Watts

“I have seen in my nursing work the long-lasting damage inflicted by trauma and abuse. The work of repair and healing is long and demanding and essential. Domestic violence, for example, affects both men and women, it affects all ages, all classes and all ethnicities, but not every age, every class or every ethnicity gets an equal chance to find help. Inspire All CIC is a small organisation which provides free expert counselling to people in need, and is able to moreover reach the victim who might otherwise fall through the gaps, who might find no one else who understands their background and their struggle. Do look out for their leaflets and for information about their work which will be available at our town events or on the Town Council website. The need is great, and I hope that by raising funds, our town can help Inspire All CIC reach out and grow.”

Tom Hunter-WattsMayor of Aylesbury

Mayor Making

Mayor Making - L to R: Simone, Alan, Ranjula, Hilda and Nas.

L to R: Simone, Alan, Ranjula, Hilda and Nas.