Funding is crucial for our continuing success as clients do not pay to use our services. This is important as many would struggle to pay even the smallest amount due to their personal circumstances.

Inspire All CIC has been fortunate to receive the support of the Thames Valley Police & Crime Commissioner’s Office from the outset. Our work within the minority ethnic communities of Aylesbury has been commended and we were delighted to invite Eddie Fitzpatrick from the Commissioner’s Office when Aylesbury Town Council presented a cheque to the team.

The support of the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office (TVPCC) has been instrumental in establishing our organisation particularly within the Aylesbury area. Through 2 pilot projects supporting victims of crime we delivered counselling and advice to almost 40 people providing over 200 hours of counselling. We have a range of case studies summarising our work together with client testimonials which are key to our continuous improvement.

Inspire All CIC is part of the continuing conversation with TV PCC to determine what future support should be provided across the Thames Valley.

It would be fair to say that the funding provided by Aylesbury Town Council has been crucial in enabling us to deliver the support that is so clearly needed in the town. Currently we are delivering a series of workshops attended by clients who have experienced our 1:1 support. We see this as the next stage in their journey towards regaining control of their lives. Led by Candice Manson these sessions have proved to be inspirational and thought-provoking.

William Harding’s Trust

We are very fortunate to have a centrally-located office where our counsellors can discretely meet clients. Easy access to affordable meeting and training rooms provide us the necessary flexibility to deliver our training sessions. The Trust has helped us secure this location until mid-2019 and we are most grateful.